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Rondo Bikes at Eat Sleep Cycle


Rondo bikes are the new kids on the Eat Sleep Cycle block.

If you have not heard of Rondo then you need to ride one of their bikes. Get on the bike and you’ll understand why their “get to the point” messaging is so powerful. “Less talking and more riding” and “Less bullshit and more performance” are messages that ring home with us at Eat Sleep Cycle who ourselves try to focus on our product and service rather than talking about it.

We were first attracted to Rondo bikes for their wonderful entry level Ruut Aluminium gravel bike, starting at €1,849. It is a hitter for the Spanish market who are still getting into gravel. We fell in love with their Ruut titanium version and have been amazed by the excellent quality.

We love the fact that Rondo bikes are manufactured in Europe, more precisely Poland, and that this innovative “cut through the crap” brand can show some of the bigger more established brands how to make a great bike.
We like the bikes so much we have already added them to our rental fleet so you can try one on your next visit to Girona.

Enough said. Time to ride.

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The Challenge to Create the Best Bike Shop in the World


When the pandemic hit in 2020 the existing business of Eat Sleep Cycle (bike rental and guided bike tours across Europe) was reduced to zero. Facing a disaster, it was a time to rethink why we started the company and what our business model will be in the future.

Louise and I, both completely in love with cycling in all its aspects, moved to Girona in 2016 and just started Eat Sleep Cycle with a credit card.

We already had a nice store in the center of the city of Girona that we historically occupied with a large fleet of rental bicycles. The retail operation existed, although it was small and aimed more than anything at tourists.

We spent the evenings during the pandemic talking about the past (the beginning of this journey) and, over a glass of wine or beer, and imagined the future could look like. And so it came about that we set ourselves a new challenge…

To create the best bike shop in the world!

We don’t do things halfway, we are both ambitious and when we propose something like this we will do everything possible to achieve it.

We decided to focus more on the local market – the city of Girona, the province of Girona and all of Spain. Because a store has to be for cyclists in and around your city. We decided to fill our store with material, because there is nothing worse than going to your local bike shop for something and it doesn’t have it.

We have taken many more brands of bicycles, clothing and components, because your store has to have options to be able to make a decision.

We hired a new, local staff with the passion and knowledge of cycling that drives the store forward. We have realized that our customers also want to buy our products from home, so we have added the online store with the aim of providing the same personalized and quality service.

The result? Well, only you can tell us if we’ve made it. We keep making improvements every day.

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