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Why choose Q36.5?

Hecho en Italia

All of our equipment is developed, sourced and hand-crafted within a 350km radius
around our headquarters in Bolzano, in the heart of the Dolomites.

Artisanal quality

Q36.5 products are hand-crafted through the best artisans with the highest quality of
fabrics. This means that next to exceptional performance, they withstand time and use.

A sustainable Cycling Industry

Hand-crafted performance gear, made in the heart of the Dolomites through innovative
and sustainable textiles sourced within a 350km radius of our headquarters.

Recycled fabrics

Our proprietary fabric innovations are made with up to 100% recycled materials, hyper-
locally sourced. Such as our recycled Polyester fabric, that is made from PET bottles
collected in Florence.

Q36.5 cyclist

Radical Innovation

At Q36.5 we believe that sustainable practices aren’t just a moral responsibility but an
urgent corporate need. Through our hyper-local production within 350km of our
headquarters and innovative sustainable materials, made up to 100% of recycled
yarns, we use both innovation as well as local practices to drive sustainability within the
cycling industry.

Hyper-local Production

We research, design, develop and manufacture with serious consideration for
sustainability and the ecosystem we live in. We honour the natural environment in
which we cycle, our surrounding community and the people we work for and work with.

Quality to last

Our products are designed to last. Each and every garment has been designed to
withstand the intense use of cycling and to last for many years.

Durability though care

We stress the importance of taking proper care of our products. Gear that is well taken
care of will be more effective, last much longer and bring more joy to the wearer.

Q36.5 cyclists

50% self-produced threads and fabrics

In order to produce proprietary textiles, we have been focusing our R&D efforts on the
design and development of threads and fabrics that represent a new era of
performance and sustainability.

Born in the Dolomites

Our home, the UNESCO natural heritage of the Dolomites is the birth place of our
innovations. We cherish and respect the nature that surrounds us and invest in sharing
that appreciation with fellow riders.

We live the outdoors

The outdoors are our playground and we’re committed to protecting the people, nature
and wildlife we encounter during our rides. Dedicated collaborations like the Q36.5 x
AWF partnership help us stay true to our pledge.

Written by Lee Comerford
I am co-founder of Eat Sleep Cycle. For 8 years we have created custom cycling experiences in Europe and beyond. We help our guests experience the very best cycling in Europe including Girona, the Pyrenees, Tuscany and the Dolomites, the French Alps, Andalucia and beyond. We specialize in customizing cycling experiences for groups, agencies and our corporate partners. We believe in empowering and motivating the local community to cycle so we also run vibrant Cycling Hubs in Girona and Málaga. Our Hubs are a place you can find all your cycling needs from bike hire to cyclist friendly food and great coffee. Through 10 years working as an engineer, operations manager and sales manager, the bike was always my escape – venturing to new places, meeting new people, seeing amazing things, suffering a bit. Now my focus is helping others to enjoy that same escape, whatever the level, age or nationality. I believe that cycling brings people together and Eat Sleep Cycle was born through this desire. Our vision is to bring down barriers through exploring the world on 2 wheels.