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AeroPress is a popular filter coffee maker with which you can make 1 to 3 cups. It is the result of combining the filter paper with a French style press. Its operation is simple, as its design allows you to make exceptional coffee using the pressure exerted by the air. This means that in a very short period of time we can obtain a coffee with a large amount of oils, reducing the amount of sedimentation to a minimum.

Its size makes it very usable daily and easily transferable to any place where we want to make our coffee.

It has a modern design, was released in 2006 and has achieved great international recognition . It is made of high quality plastics (BPA free).

Using the AeroPress is very simple , you just have to place the coffee inside it and pour water at a high temperature for about 15 seconds (this time is only an average, since it depends on the personal taste of the person take care of making the coffee) so that everything mixes in the best way. As a final culmination, the only thing left is to use the press (which is manual), to get the final result.

This resulting coffee depends to a large extent on the pressure exerted on the prey, since depending on this, we can vary the amount of liquid and its power. Apart from this factor, there are also many others, such as grinding or time, which allows us to obtain a coffee to our liking, being able to control the entire process of making it. Each person can have their own method of making coffee with this coffee maker .

This product includes:

AeroPress, Remover, Doser, Paper filters (350 units), Filter holder, funnel

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