• buckit belt for sale
  • buckit belt for sale
  • buckit belt for sale
  • buckit belt for sale

Buckit Premium belt

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Bicycle-based, eco-business in Girona.

We produce handmade products from a variety of upcycled bicycle parts, tyres and tubulars of all colours, styles and descriptions!

We travel absolutely everywhere by bicycle and don’t own a car, let alone drive one!

Wherever possible we use sustainable methods, products and materials. The tyres we use are donated by customers, local bicycle shops and the ProTour teams – every belt is one less tyre in landfill! 


  • Belt strap: Made from used and/or defective bicycle tyres or tubulars​.
  • String: For tags and pendants is from tyre side-walls & elastics are cut from old inner-tubes.
  • Tags, envelopes & boxes are made with 100% recycled paper (post-consumer waste).
  • Belt-buckles are sourced locally; our stainless-steel watch-buckles come from Germany.

Note: Photos are indicative only. Actual tyre may be more or less worn than illustrated. Colours and keeper detail may vary slightly from tyre to tyre.

We ship our products worldwide with Seur & FedEx

Spain Europe North America Asia & Oceania Rest of the World
Standard Free Free €25 €40 €40
Bulky Free Free €80 €80 €80
Bike Free Free €200 €280 €280
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Continental GP4000, Vittoria CORSA