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Gut Go Pro is an organic liquid probiotic for gastrointestinal, colon and rectum health, containing functional microorganism ferments (Bio-fMf®). Contains postbiotics (vitamins and other beneficial molecules released by microorganisms).

Gut Go Pro is a food supplement. Its 11 probiotic strains have been chosen for their effects on gastrointestinal disorders. Scientific studies show that they are indicated for: colon and rectal cancer, irritable colon, diverticular disease, constipation, colitis, diarrhea caused by taking an antibiotic or infection, gastroenteritis, Helicobacter pylori, etc.

• Gut Go Pro contains vitamins and other beneficial molecules released by microorganisms called postbiotics.
• Contains millions of probiotics per daily dose.
• Each bottle of Gut Go Pro is designed to meet the needs of an adult person for a month.
• We only work with naturally fermented liquid probiotics and not genetically or chemically modified. (not dehydrated, not lyophilized, or encapsulated).
• Good flavor and easy to drink.

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