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Sport Go Pro Eco® is a liquid probiotic to improve performance naturally, which is certified with the European seal CCPAE (Consell Català d’Agricultura Ecològica), which guarantees that all the elements that make it up come from organic farming.
Contains postbiotics (vitamins and other beneficial molecules released by microorganisms).

Probiotics can help alleviate or eliminate many of the problems associated with intense exercise and improve performance:

• They improve the immune system.
• They ferment non-digestible carbohydrates providing energy that would otherwise be wasted.
• Reduce and reestablish the permeability of the gastrointestinal tract.
• They can help eliminate intestinal disorders and reduce the risk of diarrhea and associated symptoms.
• They increase the body’s antioxidants and reduce the oxidative stress produced during intense exercise.
• They strengthen the intestinal flora and create a beneficial and healthy microbial ecosystem in our intestines.
• Influence and improve hormonal regulation of bone metabolism.

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