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Factor Lando Cross Country Mountain Bike Rolling Frameset

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Choosing to design the LANDO XC with a vertical shock offers huge benefits both for weight savings and ridigity: shock forces can be concentrated in the robust and already built-up bottom bracket region, thereby allowing for a svelte top tube that doesn’t require excessive carbon layering and weight. The design also ensures that the shock is completely isolated from any side loads, thus improving shock life and small bump sensivity by removing binding.


Riders who take their XC training and racing seriously rely on having predictable suspension in any gear. No matter if you’re putting the hammer down on a climb or a flowy trail, nobody wants to have to deal with kickback or brake jack. That’s why we’ve designed a proprietary single pivot “faux-bar” linkage with rear travel of 115mm based on a 45mm stroke shock, and 100mm based on a 40mm stroke shock. The philosophy behind our kinematics keeps anti-squat in the 90% range to ensure the suspension will stay firm but active when you are pushing the watts. You won’t need to know jack or squat.


Factor design features are never there just for show. The LANDO XC’s split seat tube is not only a reference to the Twin Vane EVO split down tube on our road bikes, but also allows for the use of monobox chainstay and low weight. Shared pivots directly mounted into the frames give a super stiff, well aligned interface for the entire suspension to ride on.


The one-piece molded carbon rocker is extremely stiff, preventing any side loading on the shock which dramatically extends its life span. The design also decreases static friction during use. The shared shock and lower swing arm pivot mounted as wide as possible ensure the simplest, lightest, and strongest use of the available frame material. To give the system a clean, svelte look, most fasteners are hidden or on the non-drivetrain side. The design references similar Factor blended designs found on our high-end road bikes.


The 67° head tube angle combined with the 120mm travel fork allows you to settle into a rearward position to drive your speed on technical terrain. The 75.5° seat tube angle paired with the zero offset seat post enables you to enhance power output thanks to the position of your knee over the pedal spindle. The long top tube coupled with the relatively short stem keeps your center of gravity over the rear end of the bike to ensure traction and control. The balanced rear center length with trail ensures predictable handling.

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