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Smoove Chain Cleaner

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The SMOOVE Prep Chain Cleaner is a powerful and efficient chain degreaser that removed grime, oil, grease and grit from your bike chain for increased drivetrain performance and smooth gear shifting.

This chain cleaner strips all the dirt and grease from your chain to ensure your drivetrain will perform exceptionally well for longer. And this degreaser is specially formulated for use alongside the SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube, giving you a combo of chain treatment that guarantees smooth gear shifting and enhanced component lifespan.


Deep-Cleaning Chain Degreaser

SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube was developed to be the longest-lasting chain lubricant available – and it is – but every now and then, your drivetrain needs some proper cleaning, and this is where SMOOVE Prep comes in.


Efficient and Fast-Acting Chain Cleaner

SMOOVE Prep was developed with a unique formula that’s specifically formulated to clean, dissolve and neutralize SMOOVE Universal Chain Lube in just two easy steps. You will find it more effective than other degreasers you normally use and requires you to use less than other degreasers on the market. Each bottle can degrease your drivetrain ten times over.

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