Custom Bikes

We work with customers all over the world to create dream bikes from scratch or by customising stock models. We work with the world’s leading frame makers, groupset manufactures and wheel builders and are experts at guiding our guests to find their perfect bike. 

Our Service

Everything begins with a personal consultation, either here in our Girona Hub, on the phone or online. We’ll ask you questions until we understand the type of riding you love and what you’re looking for in your new bike. 

Based on your needs & budget we’ll then pass you a proposal for your build. Next up is a bike fit, either here in our Girona Hub, or send us your bike fit from your local provider. 

Our team of experts then finalise the specification of your bike and begin the build. 

All of our bikes are built in our Girona workshop by our team of qualified mechanics. On completion, we’ll invite you in for a final fit or carefully package the bike for shipping. 

Build Your Custom Bike

Bike Fit

Finding the right position on your bike can be tricky, but is important to enjoy your rides and prevent injuries. In our Girona Hub, we do bike fittings with the system. With this system, we will find your right frame size and position on the bike.

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Raul’s Custom Bike Build

Raul’s Custom 2-11 Build

Raul came to us looking to upgrade his bike. Raul was searching for simple, clean aesthetics, something lightweight & comfortable to best enjoy road cycling in Girona.