Cervélo R5 Disc Road Bike Review

Features of the Cervélo R5 Disc Road Bike

Weight : 7.55 kg (size 56/ without pedals) / 703 gram frame (size 56) and 329g fork

Key Points : The all new bike in Cervélo’s lightweight R-Range. Ultra stiff pedaling platform with an upgraded, more comfortable front end.

It was teased. It was launched. It’s been on numerous podiums and it’s won, both, the Vuelta Espana and the Tour de France, the biggest grand tour of them all. You’ve wondered when you can get your very own and, now, you can wonder no more because you can buy your very own Cervélo R5 on the Eat Sleep Cycle online store now!

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Jonas Vingegaard in the Yellow Jersey at 2022 TDF. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images

At first glance, the frame may look the same as the outgoing model but you’d be wrong to think it is. Cervélo has shaved 130 grams off the frame on the 2022 R5. That’s an impressive 16 percent weight saving on an already lightweight road bike and they’ve given it a complete comfort makeover. 

On feedback from their sponsored pro team, Jumbo Visma, and their key riders like Primoz Roglic, Jonas Vingegaard and Wout Van Aert, Cervélo have made the 2022 R5 less stiff than the previous model and therefore have made the bike more comfortable to ride but without compromising on any of the previous performance. The large downtube and large profile tube profiles of the area around the bottom bracket were retained from the previous model to keep pedaling performance to its max, so to ensure none of your precious watts are lost. It was rather by dropping the top tube slightly and changing the layup and shapes around the headtube where the compliance improvements were made.

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The clean, sleek integrated and more aerodynamic front end of the 2022 R5. Image: Cervélo

Aerodynamics are not the main focus on a bike like the R5, versus its siblings the S5 and P5, but it wouldn’t be 2022 if a newly launched bike didn’t get some aero magic worked into it. Cervélo redesigned the R5’s cockpit to have all the cables and hoses internally routed. This shaved off 25 grams of drag and not only made the bike even faster but it also made the front end a whole lot neater! No one likes flappy cables, right?

However, if you’re flinching at the thought of a fully integrated cockpit, fear not! We would like to think Cervélo thought of all the home mechanics and mid ride spacer adjustments when you’re first getting the bike set up because they have kept this super simple. There is no need to disconnect any cables and hoses if you want to add or remove a steerer spacer or remove your bars for travel.

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There is no need to disconnect any cables and hoses when changing stack height or dismantling your bike for travel. Image: Cervélo

Cervélo didn’t just stop there with their updates to the new frame. They also increased the tire clearance to be able to fit a whopping (for a road bike) 34mm wide tire making the new R5 a perfect option for those wanting a bike with all-road capabilities but still wanting to keep the more aggressive riding position of a road bike.

Even with all these improvements and additions, the 2022 R5 has maintained the same brilliant geometry as its predecessor. It truly is an all-round super bike. It will be featherweight on the climbs, confident on the descents and quick enough in a straight line for when you want to attack your mates on the next town-sign sprint or dash to the cafe. Cervélo went to launch with the mantra of “what goes up, must come down” and the 2022 R5 does exactly that (very very well) and more.

The Cervélo R5 Disc Road Bike Builds

The R5 will be available in four different build options from our Eat Sleep Cycle online store. Namely, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, SRAM Red AXS, Shimano Ultegra Di2 and SRAM Force AXS.

All R5 models will come standard with the proprietary D-shaped carbon seat post, which adds to the compliance and comfort, and the carbon integrated handlebar and stem to keep that front end aero and neat and tidy.

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Cervélo’s D-Shaped seat post adds even more comfort to the new bike and the neat, easy to use, integrated seat clamp is one of the best designs we’ve seen on a bike. The new R5 also has heaps of tyre clearance! Image: Cervélo

Complete builds will be specced with a carbon wheelset that was developed in partnership by Cervélo’s sister brand, Reserve. The Reserve wheelset is tubeless ready and features a 34mm/37mm deep front and rear rim combo which has external rim widths of 30mm and 28mm respectively with internal widths of 22.6mm and 21.6mm. It has been wind-tunnel proven that wider rims are more aerodynamic than narrower options especially when the front rim is wider than the rear. A wider rim will also improve handling as your tires will have a better profile and therefore better contact with the road surface.

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The 34mm/37mm deep front and rear Reserve wheels that come specced on the 2022 R5. Image: Reserve Wheels

The wheels on the Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 and SRAM Red eTap AXS builds will come with DT Swiss 240 hubs while the Ultegra and Force bikes are built around DT Swiss 370 hubs. The DT Swiss 240 equipped wheels will weigh in at an impressively light 1,320g.

Not only do the reserve wheels bring added performance gains to the R5 but they also come standard with an unlimited, lifetime warranty. Meaning that in the case that you do manage to break these wheels while out riding, Reserve will replace them for free! Yes, that’s right. For free, forever!

Let us take a closer look at our Eat Sleep Cycle favorite, the Ultegra 12 speed di2 model. All the bells and whistles of a top spec build but at a more wallet friendly price.

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The Eat Sleep Cycle Favorite – The Ultegra 12 speed di2 R5 Build. Image: Cervélo

At €8999 (including 21% VAT) this build will be available in the beautiful Five Black colorway. A sleek matte black frame with a matte white Cervélo logo. It’s so hard to beat the looks of a clean and simple design like this.

Fully specced from top to toe with the fan favorite new Shimano Ultegra 12 speed di2 groupset and Reserve wheels with DT Swiss 370 hubs, it’s hard to go wrong. The groupset comes standard with 52/36 chainrings on the new, sleeker looking Ultegra 12 speed crankset and is paired with a 11-30 12 speed cassette. It is the perfect gearing for just about any terrain you will find yourself riding.

When Shimano released their new 12 speed groupsets, they redesigned their brakes as well and what a great job they did! Matched up with 160mm Shimano rotors front and back will give you perfect control over your speed when descending and more than enough stopping power for that odd occasion when you really need to stop on a dime.

This is a build where you put your pedals on, roll out the shop and never need to think of upgrading anything.

The Girona Ride Review: the Cervélo R5 Disc Road Bike

We’re waiting on our very own demo bike to land in our Girona Hub for us to put through its paces on some of the best cycling roads in the world, right here on our doorstep in Girona. We want to give you the most reliable and honest ride review to ensure that you always have all the information you need to make your informed decision. 

From what we’ve heard and what we have seen, this is an incredible bike and it ticks all the boxes!

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